Driveway Heating Options

Customize Your Heated Driveway to Meet Your Snow Melting and Budget Needs

Heated driveways and snow melting systems can be easily customized to match your performance needs while keeping within your budget. You can discuss your radiant heating needs with a Warmzone consultant to review your options. While many consumers opt to heat the entire surface area of their driveway, there are other, more affordable options that make it possible to install a heated driveway without breaking the bank.

While hydronic and electric heated driveway systems can be tailored to meet your needs, electric heated driveways and walks are especially easy to customize. This allows you great flexibility for installing a system that not only meets your snow melting needs, but keeps within your budget as well. In addition to heating large driveways and parking areas, electric heat cable can be installed to warm small, odd-shaped areas such as steps, ramps, porches, roof gutters, and more.

Warmzone staffs an experienced design / engineering team to work with customers to design and install the system that is best for each specific project. While many consumers envision an all-or-nothing approach to radiant heat, the truth is that there are many options that make the installation of a snow melting system an affordable possibility.

Radiant heat systems can be customized just about any way the customer chooses; with the following layouts being the most common installation layouts:

The Most Popular Driveway Heating Layout Options

Heat the entire driveway or parking area. Warm all surfaces that will receive vehicle and foot traffic.

Complete Snow Melting Coverage

Install ClearZone heating cable under the surface of the entire driveway. This ensures that all of the parking area and driveway surfaces where there will be foot traffic remains completely clear of snow and ice during the snow season.

Heating entire driveway and parking areas can also be accomplished with limited power. The system alternates power to different "zones" of the driveway to heat a large area with minimal power demands. Call a driveway heating expert today to learn more about "zoning" your heated driveway (888.488.9276).

Driveways with two 24-inch wide heated tire tracks.

Heat two 24-inch wide Tire Tracks

Roll out the ClearZone snow melting mats to warm two 24-inch-wide tire tracks the length of the driveway. This is a popular, affordable alternative for those looking to install a heated driveway but prefer to minimize costs, or don't have the necessary power to heat the entire driveway. However, when power is limited, it is possible to "zone" the system so different areas (zones) of the driveway are heated separately. To learn more about zoning, call 888.488.9276 to speak with a radiant heat expert.

Heat only a narrow strip in the center of the driveway.

Heat the Center Strip of the Driveway

If you're looking strictly for functionality to simply get in and out of your driveway during the cold winter months – or want to reduce the amount of power needed for the system, installing snow melting heat cable in a narrow strip (typically 8-10 feet) to warm the center of the driveway may be your ideal solution. The heat cable can be easily customized to heat the specific areas that you want. (Keep in mind that systems can also be designed to accommodate limited available power. Systems can be "zoned", whereby the power "pulses" between the sections of the driveway, allowing a greater area to be heated with the same amount of power.)

Heated asphalt driveway and walks, with inlay of heated paver walkway after a snowstorm.

Heat Driveway Inclines and Select Areas

Some driveways are built on hills, creating dangerous conditions during the winter months. To keep costs at a minimum while enhancing safety, homeowners have the option of heating only the trouble spots of the driveway. For example, only heat the area where the driveway is inclined or where there are sharp turns or areas that are shaded during sunny days after a storm. Also heat specific areas that frequently receive foot traffic (such as a path to and from the car or garbage bins). Radiant heat is particularly ideal for keeping steep driveways safe, as well as sidewalks, ramps and steps free of slick snow and ice.

Heat sidewalks, paths, steps, and other outdoor areas.

Custom Heat Other Outdoor Areas - Not just Driveways

One reason why radiant heat is becoming so popular is because the snow melting systems are so easy to customize. A popular application is that of keeping steps and patios clear of snow as well as providing warmth for animals. Radiant heat can be installed for dog runs, kennels, and even to keep water from freezing in troughs. The applications for radiant heat are limited only by one's imagination.

Learn More About your Radiant Heating Options

You have many options when it comes to installing a heated driveway or snow melting system, so feel free to contact a radiant heat expert to see what custom snowmelt system can be designed for you. Warmzone experts are happy to consult with you and help you determine the system that best suits your snow melting needs as well as your budget. Call 888.488.9276 today.

In addition to the many driveway heating options and quality features of the ClearZone snow melting system, it is important to note that Warmzone also includes complete system design layout, free installation training, and installation support with each system. You'll discover Warmzone's customer service to be second to none.